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The Story Behind The Name


The Mughal Empire was known for many things: their jewels, spices, textiles, their vast empire itself. One thing that's not quite as well known is the Syed brothers. They were Kingmakers who served as council to the last powerful ruler of the Mughal Era: Aurangzeb.

The Syed brothers were said to have had major influence over who ruled the empire, especially after the death of Aurangzeb. They dethroned whomever they saw unfit to rule and ascended and supported people they saw they could control. Yes, the emperors are described as puppets to the Syed brothers in some aspects, but the brothers saw these puppets as figureheads that could carry out deeds that benefited the society as a whole, not just themselves.

My family is descended from these Kingmakers. We have strong backbones and have strong instincts when it comes to good work, hard work, trust, and honesty. We are far from perfect, but our work strives to achieve the impossible.

With this culture and lineage behind me, my goal is to bring back the cycle of Kingmakers by putting out and supporting work that I feel in my heart and soul will make a difference. That's my mission and my passion.

Everyone has a voice: Some are stronger than others. Some have had platforms under their feet since they were born. Some have their voice taken away from them. My job as a Kingmaker is to find the voices that have something to say beyond and from a lens people may not have sought out yet, and to give that voice training and shaping till it becomes as sharp as a sword. Because I believe words and a pen are mightier than a weapon.

If you believe in your voice and your work, let me be your Kingmaker. I'll take you from belief and hope to walking you to your throne.

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About Parisa M. Syed


A Pakistani American who found her way to publishing by chance. My parents raised me with unconditional love, and growing up, I realized I had unconditional love to give to almost anything and anyone. I take this life lesson to my work and try to give it as much love as I can and give the works I look at understanding and room to be better than they are without destroying the author's core message. 

I draw in audiences and help them understand and relate to the author's perspective by filling in gaps to create a balance between professional and informative, and personal details/touches in their writing to create relatable works with a sense of humanity and influence.

When I'm not working, I love hanging out with my family, going for walks, reading, watching movies (horror is a new genre I'm exploring), talking with my friends, playing Among Us with them, and supporting everyone I love. I also love Korean drams and the Korean culture. I am an avid LGBTQ+ and BLM supporter, and I'm striving to educate myself in matters that I am still not versed in. Always into learning.

For more about my work experience, click here for my resume. If you have any other questions about me, feel free to leave me a message here!

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