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All your editing needs:
Treating your work like the King it is.

~Let me be your Kingmaker~

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What I Can Offer You

Developmental Editing


Together, going through what you have and discussing elements of your piece that could be stronger, what may need more research, or what could add more feeling and intention to what you're trying to convey.



Making sure your words are grammatically accurate and flow like water so your readers can follow along and fill in all the blanks you intentionally leave for them in your piece.



A general overlook of your piece: Let me know what you want me to look at in particular and I will do just that. From template review to major spelling errors to making sure page numbers, titles, and headings match, I cover the basics. Typically sought after before publication or turning in your work.

For more information about my services, check out the Services page, or shoot me a message!

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Munchausen's Project

December 2020-Present

Freelance Copyediting and Developmental Editing.

Helping an author and a psychologist establish an informational database for Munchausen's disorder. Learning a lot about what this disorder is and how important it is to find a community to learn with.

October 2020-June 2021

Volunteer Associate Editor.

Worked my magic on copyediting and developmentally editing pieces for our bipartisan website. Going in with an unbiased eye is hard, but working with Divided We Fall opened my mind and allows me to see other opinions without judgement. Which is exactly this website's mission. Publishing content from all sides of the political spectrum, Divided We Fall's mission is to create a platform that facilitates discussion on controversial topics that ideally promotes an open mind. Click here for some samples of my work!

Who's Next?


This could be YOU.

Let me help you help your work touch the lives of people you want to make an impact on. Let me be the foundation for the reign of your words and message.


Let me be your KINGMAKER.

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Let's Chat!

I’m an old soul who loves emails. If you're interested in my services or just want to pop in and say hello, fill out the form on my contact page! I am currently accepting new commissions, and would love to be the Kingmaker for your work. Let's chat with a free 30-minute initial consultation, and we'll go from there.

Talk soon! :D

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